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Frequently Ask Questions

Before you can travel to other countries from UK;


You must;

1. Take a Covid-19 PCR test and get a negative result before you can travel to most countries. Please check local rules for the country you’re going to travel as they may have different requirements. NHS tests are not valid for this purpose. Please visit our Pre Travel PCR Tests page to book your tests which are accepted by all around the world. Travel Test Centre Ltd offers variety of tests that can help you meet the requirements of the country you are visiting. 

Travelling back to UK;


You must;

1. Book and pay for a travel test package. This will be different depending on which country you are arriving from. People arriving from places that are classified as Amber Countries have different requirements to people arriving from places classified as Green Countries and Red Countries. Please visit for up to date country classifications.


We offer Day 2 tests for people arriving from Green Countries, Day 2 and Day 8 tests and Test to Release (Day 5 tests) for people arriving from Amber Countries. These are mandatory to book before you can travel back to UK. We are government listed provider.

2. Complete a passenger locator form. We are government listed provider for PCR tests and we can provide you with your Unique Passenger Locator Reference Number to complete your locator form before you are allowed back to travel to UK. Please visit  When you book your PCR tests, you will receive your Passenger Locator Number with an email.

Travel Test Centre COVID-19 sample collection Tests Kits include; Printed Instructions, Throat/Nasal Swab, Sample tube containing liquid, Return Box, clear plastic bag and security seat sticker and a return box with 24 Tracked Royal Mail postage.

Travel Test Centre Test prices include; COVID-19 test kits, delivery costs to you, return postage and sample analysis for COVID-19 by UK approved laboratory and certificate to show the results.

Our Self sample COVID-19 test kits include 24 Tracked Royal Mail postage. You can drop these to Priority Post Boxes. Please check the nearest Priority Post Box to you by visiting Royal Mail page

You can track your parcel using the tracing numbers on them.

You will be provided the information in the test kits how to do this, if you are required to do this.

Simple answer is that we will email your tests results to you. After completing your online test booking, an account will be created for you. In some cases, you may need to create an account on our portal. You will need your sample barcode number to complete this and you can find your barcode on sample tube containing liquid. Yyou will post your sample to the laboratory using a Royal Mail Priority Post.

You are able to track your sample using the Royal Mail tracking number on the front of your return box.

Results are reported within 12-36 hours from receipt of your sample at the laboratory (please note this may be up to 48 hours due to high volumes). Results are sent to your online results account and when they are ready you will receive an email to prompt you to check your account. OR we may alternatively send this to your email. Your results PDF document can be saved to your device or printed.

Our standard test results become available after 12-36hrs after receiving them at our laboratories.

You can book same day tests and home/hotel supervised tests (VIP service) to receive your results faster. This is a service we offer only in London and surrounding areas.

Please email us on for all your PCR test requirements and we can design the service for your requirements. Tailored solutions to our clients.