Leaving & Entering UK

Covid test to enter the UK

You must show a negative test result for coronavirus within 3 days of your arrival and departure to the UK. You are required to show proof of a negative Covid-19 test result taken maximum 72 hours before you arrive and depart to England. (Please check local rules for the country you’re going to travel as they may require test samples being taken up to 24 hours only. NHS tests are not valid for travel.)

This guide will help you learn more about the Covid-19 testing requirements needed to enter the UK and the mandatory tests required upon arrival and departure.

It is your responsibility to provide negative PCR test results before you get on board.


Do I need to test if I’ve received a Covid vaccine?

You’re legally required to provide negative PCR test even if you’re vaccinated for Covid-19. Vaccines may not provide 100% protection. Due to number of people being vaccinated for Covid-19, transmitting the virus risk is low so this advice may change in future.


Do I need to test if I have antibodies?

Yes, you must take a test even if you have antibodies.

If you cannot show the negative COVID-19 test result(s), you will not be allowed get on board. You might not be able to travel if your test doesn’t meet WHO (World Health Organisation) performance standards.