Day 5 Test To Release

Revised on 04th October 2021

If you are arriving to England from a country which is NOT listed as red country and you do not qualify as fully vaccinated, then you must book Day 2 test and Day 8 test (compulsory tests) and quarantine, for 10 days. You may be able to end quarantine early if you pay for a private COVID-19 test through the Test To Release scheme (This is an optional test.). You still need to book your Day 2 and Day 8 tests. Travel Test Centre Ltd is listed by Government as provider of Day 5 testing for international arrivals.  Please note that you cannot benefit from Test To Release if you are arriving from Red Listed Country or if you have been in a Red Listed Country (including transit) during last 10 days before your arrival to Enlgand. 

Test to release or Day 5 test must be done on or after your 5th day of quarantining. You cannot take your Test to Release test until you have been in England for 5 full days. If the result for your day 5 test is negative (and the result of your day 2 test result was negative or inconclusive) you can stop quarantine as soon as you receive the result.   

You will still need to take a test on or after day 8.

This is a test kit which is posted to you to collect sample and post to our lab. If you are based in and around London, contact us for a VIP home or hotel visit Day 5 tests with guaranteed results next day. 

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Day 5 Test To Release

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